вторник, 7 сентября 2010 г.

Особенности поиска работы 9. Сопроводительная эволюция

Как я уже кратко упоминал в подробной статье об опыте поиска работы в Австралии, достаточно важную роль в количестве откликов, а значит и успехе поиска, играет сопроводительное письмо.

Начинал я с такой версии:

Dear Ophelia,

I would like to apply for the position of Project Manager. I believe that I have the required work experience and professional skills for this position.

As you can see from my CV my overall professional experience counts 17 years. I am graduated after University as IT professional in computer sciences and promoted from software developer/ computer engineer, focused on software development, Data Management, Data Warehousing and RDBMS to Project Manager.

I have huge End to End Full scope Project management experience, being responsible for implementation of IT and IS solutions, Enterprise wide system (ERP), Fund management software solution for world leader - WAXA Group (Financial services).

I have very intensive IT infrastructure management experience. The complex and super-global IT Environment at world wide company (SilenceOfTheLambs – FMCG sector) allowed me to learn and use the best world practices of middle level infrastructure management and project delivery: consolidation of servers in global data centers, maintenance of hundreds workplaces and users, mass deployment of software, support of large ERP and CRM projects.

I have got an extensive managerial experience. Creative environment in my function and excellent results of the different infrastructure and software projects implemented under my leadership are the main indicators of my professional and managerial skills. I have extensive experience working in complex corporate IT and PM organizations managing business demands, global and local suppliers, delivering new IT services and projects, being responsible for business applications and IT infrastructure.

Thus my background allows me to bring added value to your company in a short term.

Enclosed you can find my CV. Learn more about my recommendations, references, tests, exams and certificates please follow the link http://vishnivetsky.blogspot.com/.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Hamlet Denmarksky

X/XX Crows Nest Road, Waverton, NSW, 2060
Home: +612 XXXXXXXX
Mobile: +614 XXXXXXXX

Время показало ошибочность такого one-size-fits-all документа, к тому же скорее тезисно повторяющего резюме, чем фокусирующегося на ключевых моментах подаваемой позиции.
Чуть позже я подсократил его, слегка переработал, но по сути подача осталась та же.
Эволюция продолжалась, и мой первый отклик из ИБМ я получил на подачу с таким письмом.
Mr Hamlet Denmarksky
  X/XX Crows Nest Road,
Waverton, NSW, 2060
Mobile: +614 XXXXXXXX

April 30, 2010
To whom it may conсern,
BIM Australia,

Dear Madam/Sir,

I read with interest your advertisement seeking a Project manager, as I believe I possess the attributes necessary to make the role a success.

As you will see from my enclosed resume, my experience and skills are a good match for this position. Of particular relevance is my 5 years experience as an IT infrastructure project manager in complex IT and PM organisations, my solid IT background, ITIL experience. My huge advantage for this position is very extensive 3 years experience working with IBM Technology services at client side in scope of BIM-SilenceOfTheLambs GIEP contract.

I have completed pControl upgrade project with significant infrastructure deliverable for AXA Australia in March 2010, am available for immediate start.

I look forward to having an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how I could contribute to your team. Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Правда кроме небольшого телефонного собеседования с рекрутером дело в тот раз, не пошло.
Тут подоспела помощь друзей, много полезных советов в частности по написанию сопроводительного письма, и дальше получилась версия, с которой я более менее работал до конца поиска работы, модифицируя формулировки под каждую позицию.
August 16, 2010
Attn: Ophelia Normandska
Yo!Recruitment, Head Hunting and Body Cutting Services,
More than Great Sydney.

Re: Project Manager role.

Dear Ophelia,

Having just completed a critical implementation project for WAXA, highly regarded in the Financial Services industry, I am available per direct for your client.

My background is in strategic projects implementation. I have done so working at complex IT and PM organisations with well developed and mature project management approach and outstanding PM culture.

Further to your requirements, I am well versed with PMBOK and traditional Systems Development Life-cycle practices. Solid technology background, IT&T services and systems experience, IT team leadership are in my toolkit. Strong project governance, scheduling and control, business cases and steering committees preparation make me well placed to bring your client value while managing the project team.

You are looking for a solid project management professional, used to running high exposure initiatives, then we need to talk further to discuss the detail.

After receipt of this email I will call you later this week to make an appointement.

Looking forward to our further discussion,

Ham Denmanksky,
X/XX Crows Nest Road,
Waverton, NSW, 2060
Mobile: +614 XXXXXXXX

Но на все формальные вакансии выходил уже вооруженный супер-консервативной, как я это называю, версией письма. Применял я его, опять же меняя формулировки и фокус навыков/ достижений под каждую вакансию, в крупных запроцедуренных корпорациях, и только при подаче напрямую. В агентства и небольшие компании напрямую продолжал подавать предыдущую "мобильную" версию.

 Ham Denmarksky
Project Manager
June 09, 2010

Ophelia Normandska
HR manager
BIM Australia Ltd
Gold bedroom, mezanine floor,

Royal Palace, CBD

Dear Ophelia

Re: Open Position – Project Manager
Thank you for the opportunity to submit my application for the Project Manager position in your Organisation.
I am a senior professional Project Manager with over 14 years in the Industry and a strong track-record of achievement and of making a contribution to the organisations’ Project and Program execution, Market grow, Operational excellence.
My skills, experience and track-record cover all aspects of Project Management and coordination. Specifically, my background and experience is in IT infrastructure projects delivery at complex IT and PM organisations.

I also have extensive delivery experience in a strategic IT transition and transformation program involving BIM, as part of the Global SilenceOfTheLambs-BIM  contract. (On that project, I worked very closely with a number of BIM managers, including: several named people with their roles).

Further to your stated requirements, I bring the following capabilities, skills and experience to the table:

  • well versed with PMBOK and ITIL service practices

  • familiarity with PMI processes from initiation to closure

  • solid overall business and finance knowledge

  • extensive Midrange systems (UNIX/AIX and WIntel servers), Desktop and IP Network environments experience.

This role clearly requires a solid project management professional, used to running high exposure initiatives - I am very confident that my qualifications, skills and experience position me very well to take on this challenging yet strategic Role and make a real contribution from Day 1

I would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the value I can bring to this position.
Thank you for your time and consideration – I look forward to continuing this discussion with you some time soon.
Ham Denmarksky

Да пребудут с вами мудрость, и друзья.