пятница, 20 января 2012 г.

Как ИБМовский Сэм Палмизано переопределил глобальную корпорацию

На Linkedin опубликовали статью с вышеприведенным названием, на английском. 

Статья как статья, ничего особенного в ней не приводится.
Но как обычно, интересно было почитать комментарии, особенно такие:

As a long-time IBMer, it is very intriguing for me to see the flood of pro-IBM articles.  For the last 2-3 years, IBM's growth and stock performance have been beyond reproach. Big Blue is again a Wall Street darling (thanks Warren!).  That's a long way from the dark days of the early 90's, when the company was famously declared a "Dinosaur" by Fortune.

In contrast, though, most IBMers below executive levels will tell you very quickly that the company culture has become very negative.  While company performance has consistently out-paced the market, employees have increasingly paid the price with below market wages, low loyalty and drastically increased workloads. As a mid-level manager, I can tell you without doubt that this has led to a steady exodus of talent.  IBM's strategy, it seems, is "The people are interchangeable, we win on discipline and execution."

Time will tell, of course. But I will note for you that the results of the culture "Jam" ceased to be guiding principles years ago.  Is this sustainable?  Has Palmisano created a lasting success at IBM? At the very least, I think it is a bit early to say, considering he left just weeks ago.  Putting him in the pantheon with Sloan, Welch et al is equivalent to the media's annual pronouncement of the Wedding/Game/Book/etc of the Century... every year.

For now, we know IBM is a big company with tight financial discipline, an admirable feat.  But IT moves fast.  Let's wait a couple of years to see if Palmisano built something that lasts or was actually running the company for an EPS target.
Кратко - управленческой верхушке хорошо. Владельцам акций хорошо. Рядовых сотрудников имеют как могут.
Отдельная радость - принцип товарища Сталина "Незаменимых нет", в здешней трактовке как "Люди заменяемы, мы побеждаем за счет дисциплины и исполнительности".

А нам то что? Улыбаемся и машем :)

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