понедельник, 7 февраля 2011 г.

Терракотовая армия. Интересный факт в современности

Сравнивая русскую и английскую версии Википедии, наткнулся на интересный абзац, полный интересных фактов:
A collection of 120 objects from the mausoleum and 20 terracotta warriors were displayed at the British Museum in London as its special exhibition "The First Emperor: China's Terracotta Army" from September 13, 2007 to April 2008.[15] This Terracotta Army exhibition made 2008 the British Museum's most successful year ever, and made the British Museum the United Kingdom's top cultural attraction between 2007-08.[16][17] The exhibition also brought in the most visitors to the British Museum since the King Tutankhamun exhibition in 1972.[16] It was reported that the initial batch of pre-bookable tickets to the Terracotta Army exhibition sold out so fast that the museum extended the exhibition until midnight on Thursdays to Sundays.[18] According to The Times, many people had to be turned away from the exhibition, despite viewings until midnight.[19]Chinese New Year, the crush was so intense that the gates to the museum had to be shut.[19] The Terracotta Army has been described as the only other set of historic artifacts (along with the remnants of ruins of the RMS Titanic) which can draw a crowd simply on the back of the name alone.[18] During the day of events to mark the
After the United Kingdoms, the exhibition traveled to North America and visited museums such as the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California, Houston Museum of Natural Science, High Museum of ArtAtlanta,[20] National Geographic Society Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.[21] Subsequently the exhibition traveled to Sweden and was hosted in the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities between 28 August 2010 and 20 January 2011.[22][23] An exhibition entitled 'The First Emperor - China's Entombed Warriors', presenting 120 artefacts from the First Emperor's burial site, is being hosted at the Art Gallery of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia), between 2 December 2010 and 13 March 2011.
Неудивительно, что у нас значительная очередь, раз даже в избалованном зрелищами Лондоне был такой ажиотаж. Тогда нужно сказать, что у нас тут ленивый народ: до полуночи никто открытым выставку держать не требует, ворота сдерживать толпу закрывать не надо. Да, и экспозиция, похоже, та же самая, по миру путешествует, те же 120 предметов. Странно только, что в январе она, согласно этой же цитате, сразу в двух местах мира :)