четверг, 29 апреля 2010 г.

Особенности поиска работы

В социальной сети linkedin есть группа The Job Board: Australia / New Zealand. В ней недавно появилась ссылка на статью некоторого рекрутера/тренера. Тема - пустые объявления на доске вакансий, не имеющие под собой реальной работы. Автор кратко описывает причины таких объявлений, их симптомы и советы по минимализации ущерба. Нашел ее интересной для себя. Пару показательных цитат. Его статья отталкивается от бумажных газет, но электронные сайты поиска работы по сути не отличаются, так что та же сферическая фигура в профиль.
Цитата 1.

dummy ads.
So that future advertisers would look at a healthy, full supplement and be convinced to put their own ads in the newspaper.  It works.

candidates are not the only ones who visit these sites.
companies & owners visit these sites to look for recruiters for themselves.
So, if a recruiter needs new business, he/she needs to be featured and needs to look like someone who does a lot of recruitment.  That is why the dummy postings, the advertisements.
So, you as the candidate get really excited, that ‘A leading MNC’ is looking for someone for a position that is perfect for you. The location is ideal and the package just what you need.  You apply and wait.  Nothing.  You then contact the recruiter and nothing.  You seem to wait for sometime and then come to the conclusion that maybe you were not good enough or that you could have done something differently or better.  you blame yourself.
well, now that you know, dont.
Its not you, its them.
Цитата 3
Your resume for that ‘perfect’ position is really headed for the database.

Цитата 4
2. Look for authenticity.
For obvious reasons ... recruiters will not put up client’s names until unless they are exclusively handling the company.
but you can still look for tell-tale signs.
Generic job descriptions, multiple locations, generic email addresses, could point to a dummy ad.
 Вот такие пирожки с котятами.