вторник, 17 ноября 2009 г.

How it works

Project I manage in Sydney by its nature is very close to one I had in Ukraine, but is much simpler. 

So brief recipe of how to cook a project.

Ingredients: external vendor (lets call him eVendor) of software platform (2D) for financial department (za-eBusiness) , AXA IT (iTea), PMO (eOOPS).

Quantities (Project team):
  • eVendor - 1 delivery manager, 2 software developers, 1 business analyst;
  • za-eBusiness - 2 business analysts, 3 business testers part time, one Sponsor;
  • iTea - 2 IS guys;
  • eOOPS - 1 PM and me;
The budget allocation is a bit different. All the AXA internal costs included as specialist level mandays per daily rate. So it is about 50% of project budget. Due to this the budget size is comparable despite on less project size and deliverables. The new 2 servers for new version of 2D application cost half of 4 Ukrainians.

initiation started last summer (Gate 1 Feb 11, 2009), G4 to be on Jan 13, 2010;

Outcome (Project deliveries):
  • upgrade 2D from version 2068.343 to 2068.344   :) ;
  • implement enhancements in version 2068.344 to fit financial legislation changes and support adjusted business operations since 1/1/2010;
  • install new servers for new version of 2D;
Cooking recipe:
  • eVendor has on-line tracking system, where all the items are tracked and updated throughout their lifecycle, from initiation to closure. Today was opened tracker # 521;
  • Couple of impemented trackers combined in release, today deployed release # 1.12;
  • za-eBusiness team tests delivered functionalities and update trackers;
  • pure iTea guys are maintain servers (App and RDBMS), deploy new releases, resolve dependencies with other applications (in and out-house), but have no access to 2D coding at all;  
  • on-going project phase is UAT. During this phase za-eBusiness team are 100% dedicated for testing and are free from BAU operations.
At the basement of the post, following the tradition, the photo to demonstrate orient philosophy business approach*:

Bless you.

* Disclaimer: this photo has no anything in common with Project delivery approach.