вторник, 9 июня 2015 г.


Недавно сделал небольшую публикацию в социальной сети ЛинкедИн, на профессиональную тему. Изменения в процедуру ре-сертификации по программе Профессиональный Руководитель Проектов от Института Профессионального Управления (PMP PMI). Далее вся статья на английском без перевода.

Highlights of changes to PMI's re-certification

As many professional organisations, Project Management Institute targets to develop itself, maintain high standards of own project management method, and maintain high standards of its certification.

Thus there are announced changes to the mandatory re-certification program for every professional holding current certification from PMI.

Here I highlight a few important points from a position of Certified Project Management Professional, like myself.

In my case, I've certified from 30/12/2010. By 30/12/2013 I renewed my certification for the next 3-years certification cycle. And my next renewal is due by 20/12/2016.

Firstly, there is extremely useful and well prepared short presentation from PMI CCR program, published on PMI site. You can start from this page and than go on to the 10 minutes video.

Fast forward to the new requirements and closer look at column with 60 PDUs for PMP:

Thus the key change is that the one now should balance his re-certification efforts between Education and Giving back. And even within these 2 categories are more restrictions. For instance, continuous work as a professional during the 3 years of current cycle won't give you 3x10=30 Professional Development Units any more. This item is capped at 8 PDUs only. Thus everyone is encouraged to look for other opportunities in Volunteering and Creating knowledge, for at least 17 PDUs per cycle.

And secondly, even in continuous education the one has to balance between different types of education in line with so called by PMI "talent triangle". Thus extensive training only in technical core project management disciplines won't be enough to re-certify. At least 8 hours of education should be dedicated to leadership and business/strategic each.

Another aspect to take into consideration - timing of changes.

The new structure of PDUs will become available on 1 Dec 2015. Though anyone needing to renew by 30 November 2017 are still relieved from the new requirements.

Thus in my case I still can complete my re-certification in line with existing requirements and renew on 30/12/2016. Then for the next 3 years cycle I will have already to comply to the new rules.

Such timeline definitely gives sufficient time for preparation and adjustment for anyone interested.