четверг, 14 мая 2015 г.

День Матери

10 мая - ежегодный День Матери. Восьмое марта как международный женский день здесь не очень популярен, а вот День Матери - очень даже вполне. Хоть это и не дополнительный выходной день, но индустрия развлечения и подарков эксплуатирует этот повод по максимуму.

Вот как определяет историю Дня Матери в Австралии Википедия:


In Australia, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May.
The tradition of giving gifts to mothers on Mother's Day in Australia was started by Mrs. Janet Heyden,[38] a resident of Leichhardt, Sydney, in 1924. She began the tradition during a visit to a patient at the Newington State Home for Women, where she met many lonely and forgotten mothers. To cheer them up, she rounded up support from local school children and businesses to donate and bring gifts to the women. Every year thereafter, Mrs Heyden raised increasing support for the project from local businesses and even the local Mayor. The day has since become commercialised. Traditionally, the chrysanthemum is given to mothers for Mother's Day as the flower is naturally in season during May (autumn in Australia) and ends in "mum", a common affectionate shortening of "mother" in Australia.[citation needed] Men will often wear a chrysanthemum in their lapels in honor of mothers.[citation needed]

Обычно отмечается каждое второе воскресенье Мая, традиция идет с 1924 года, привнесена из Америки в район Лайкхардт Сиднея, откуда потом распространилось по всей стране. Традиционный цветок - хризантема.

На тему коммерциализации праздника довольно интересная статья на The Daily Telegraph за авторством Prue Miller .
I hate being forced to be jolly. I mean who wants to be told they have to be happy? Having to be thankful for being confined to bed, a tray precariously balanced on your knees with itchy crumbs from cold toast getting trapped where no crumb should venture (I don’t know how that happens — but it does).

Although birthdays and Christmas rate right up there with enforced merriment, there’s something even more annoying about Mother’s Day. It’s like okay, this day is supposed to make up for a year of countless wash and rinse cycles, soccer drop-offs, droopy boobs and uneaten meals (that were favourites last week).
Well, news flash, breakfast in bed doesn’t cut it as a make good. It especially doesn’t if the kitchen (post breakfast) is abandoned looking like a bad day on the Marie Celeste.
Presents bought with no thought, but all haste only aggravate mums who have been thoughtful, careful and tireless all year.
And arguments over where to go for the restaurant ‘treat’ lunch adds salt to the emotional wound. Nothing adds to the celebratory meal than a sulky teenager who wanted sushi, had to settle for schnitzel and promised his mates he’d meet them for band practice by 2pm, can we go already?
Come on — you know that’s true.
So what do I really wish for, what would float my maternal boat this Sunday?
A full on hug from each of my kids.
Not a kiss-on- the -cheek-and-out-the-door hug, but a two armed, extra tight, extra-long hug where I get to inhale big lung fulls of them, where I get time to remember all the sweet times, all the love and hope and happiness that each of them have brought (and continue to bring) me. Yep, it would have to be a long one.
That would make up for every manky soccer sock I’d washed, every late night homework binge I’d helped with, every freezing afternoon on the edge of an oval, court or bus stop. Every brushed off kiss on the forehead and short tempered text. . And more. It would take the least effort, no money and importantly, leave no crumbs in bed.
That hug, well, that would make this mother’s day.

Основной посыл - не надо натужного праздника, неискренних поздравлений и ненужных надуманных подарков. Родственники и родные - просто искренне обнимите ваших матерей.

Спасибо, мамы.